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    How does one easily palette swap animations without overly duplicating symbols?

    CyJackX Level 1

      This is to be exported into a movie, so not an Actionscript question.


      I'm making a parody of a fighter-game scenario.  One character looks like Subzero and the other like Scorpion.  They're the same models but one should be colored differently.  They're comprised of symbols such as arms and legs to make a larger overall character animation.  There are several animations of them, for kicks, punches, bobbing, etc.  Now, I know that if I went in and edited the colors, that all instances would change accordingly.  Duplicating the symbol doesn't work because they share the same inner symbols.  Is there a method for "deep" duplication?  Am I going about this the wrong way?  A tint doesn't work because essentially I only want to change the color of some of the components.