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    My Media-Cache-Files clog my ssd-drive. How can I get rid of them?


      Hi, I have some trouble with my Premiere Pro CS5 (with all free new updates installed) on Windows 7 64bit (updated aswell). (I'm german btw. if that makes it easier for you to help)


      I just added a lot of videomaterial (dslr canon h264 fullhd) in my new project (dslr 1920 25p) in Premiere Pro CS5 and suddenly got a lot of error messages at the bottom on the right. The harddrive (my bootdisc) ran out of memory and I only had 6mb left. I didn't realise that I hadn't switched the storageplace for the media-cache-files.

      I immediately changed both directorys for those files after the import was finished to my big other harddisc P: and clicked on something like "move existing files". Unfortunately this didn't make the files move and I still had between 600kb and 30mb of space left on my bootdrive.

      Now I deleted some other files since I can't access the folder to delete or move those media-cache-files by myself. And I'm logged in as an admin. I'm afraid that my PC won't boot with to little space on my ssd-bootdrive left and am afraid of starting Premiere CS5 again since I don't have a lot of other stuff to delete if sth. goes wrong again.


      Does anyone have an idea, how to fix this problem? How can I get rid of 50gb of media-cache-files on C:? Please let me know if you do!