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    Indesign CS5 Lion startup crash continues ...


      Whenever I try to open InDesign, it crashes on startup. I'm using CS5 with OS 10.7.2


      Photoshop works fine, but InDesign crashes. ('InDesign quit unexpectedly' error message). I just posted about it at the end of this thread but as that thread has been marked 'answered' thought I'd better start a new one.


      I've tried the fix of removing the /datastore and then the /Mark II folders from the SING folder. I even tried taking out the whole SING folder. No luck. (I've put them back again).


      All my permissions are repaired and looking good.


      This is a brand new problem, I can't understand why it's started happening now.


      Here's my crash report: http://pastebin.com/yp8ZwRCe


      Please help! I'm at the end of my tether and there's a deadline coming up sharpish.