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    Table of Contents problem


      Hi, I successfully created a Table of Contents for my book with different chapters in Indesign cs5. But I mistakenly made the pagination( organization of chapters) to "Continue on the next even page". It means that the beginning of each chapter will show up on an even page- number.  Then I correctly changed it to begin on an odd number. However, when I tried, many times, to updating or replacing the Table of Contents according to the new setting, the first two chapters don't show up. The rest of the chapters appeared correctly. No matter what I did, buy replacing or setting a new one,  the problem persist. What is wrong?

      Can somebody gently help me about it?

      Thank you,


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Several things to try..


          First, be sure you have the latest CS5 patch. Current version is 7.0.4.


          Export the problem chapters to .idml, open those and save with new names. Replace the chapter files inthe book and try again.


          If neither of those works, try creating a new Book and adding the chapters again.