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    New to After Effects CS5.5, need help with problem


      Ok, new to forum and new to AE.  I've been using PS for years as a photographer and am dabbling in working with video on the side.  I am working on a promo/vid trailer for someone and I have a problem. I will give as much info as possible due to the fact I have no idea what is relative to the issue.  The project is a template from Videohive and was very easy to work with but I have a "crosshair" of sorts in the middle of the image both in AE and post render.  I am attaching a pic below so you can see what I'm referring to.  The template came with a pre rendered version for the optical flares and required the trapcode plug in (which is installed).  One other odd thing is when I try to go to the "effects" tab to view the plug ins everything is greyed out.  Not sure if that is normal or if something is up there as well that could be causing this.  Being I didn't have these programs on my computer I'm borrowing one from a freind who does this stuff on the side so I apologize if I'm not asking the right questions or giving the right info.  He has never seen this before so I can't get help there.


      [EDIT] I did some "process of elimination" this evening and here is what I came up with.  Loaded the original, unedited template... x-hairs still there.  Loaded another template I bought that does not use the Trapcode plug in (or any for that matter) and no x-hairs.  Any ideas???


      Ok, here is a link to photo... couldn't figure out how to embed it.