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    Spry Slideshow With Filmstrip -- works in Dreamweaver, forever loads online!




      I'm fairly new to this, and after hours of figuring this thing out I finally have it customized and working ... in Dreamweaver! On the live site, everything is fine except for the main display that keeps loading.


      I did my best searching the forums, and found only one potential solution (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/881855) which didn't work for me (and you'll see it in the code where it's linked to labs.adobe.com rather than my file). It can't be directory structure or nothing would work, right? It has to be something teensy weensy that my amateur eyes can't pick out of the code. Help?


      I suppose after this I'm going to have that pesky "works in FireFox and Chrome But Not in IE" issue...