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    AVCCAM footage and Premiere 5.5?

    Glitchdog Level 1

      We're just beginning to work with AVCCAM footage and I'm trying to figure out the best workflow to move footage from the SDHC card/s to an external RAID attached to MacBook Pro. In this case for reviewing and editing footage in the field with Premiere.


      1. We have enough cards to shoot for at least 2 weeks, roughly, without having to wipe the cards.

      2. I need to be able to move the footage shot for each day in the evening to the RAID.

      3. I'll, of course, only need to move the new footage, which in many cases means I'd need to move only part of the footage off the card/s.


      OK so I have a layout of the AVCHD files and understand that the private folder should be moved in its entirety, but how do I do that easily with our workflow? Or is there a better workflow?

      I can't find any third party software on the Mac that will allow reviewing and ingest of specific clips.


      I'd prefer to edit in AVCHD rather than go to ProRes or Avid DnxHD, mainly due to hard drive real estate and the time involved in transcoding. Thanks for your input!

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          shooternz Level 6

          Here is my tip (and file management).


          Use a separate card (or 2) for each days shoot.

          (I only use 16GB cards mainly for this reason.) 


          The issue with AVCHD (AVCCAM) is that the file numbering repeats.  eg always starts each card  at 0000.mts - xxxxx.mts ( even "00000" is weird!)


          I ingest them to a unique 'rushes' folder eg Rushes projectname Day 1, Rushes projectname Day 2, Rushes projectname day 3....


          The backup drives and the archives have the same naming protocol.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            For the actual transfer of files, just use Finder.  You don't need any special software.

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              Glitchdog Level 1

              Thanks guys, I appreciate the tips. I love the naming convention, I was considering doing the actual date, but with metadata I guess I don't really need that. I think we will use finder, though I'd still love to have some software for ingest similar to what they've done with FCPX where you can scrub, select and ingest just what you want right from the card. Unfortunately it does a bunch of other stuff with the footage, rewrapping it in a funky way that Premiere doesn't like, changing the name prefix, etc. Since we had a copy for evaluation I had toyed with the idea of using it just to get footage in. Oh well.