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    Mac 5.5 Design Premium Licensing Problem

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      Current Problem:

      My Adobe product will not open and presents this after it asks for the serial nummber every time I attempt to open a product from Adobe creative suite 5.5 which I have payed for twice this month hoping it was a corrupt serial number. I now suspect cached files which are courupting my details. 

      Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 1.16.01 PM.png


      Please help me, I feel so hopeless. I have uninstalled with App Zapper too hoping it would solve the problem.

      I have to go work in another office I am already one day behind on our weekly magazine and have been struggling with this issue for over 9hours now.

      Email me at greta@grooveguide.co.nz I would like to speak with the Adobe New Zealand Licensing Department or the Austrailian one.


      I really need to fix this as soon as possible, Thank you!




      Background of Problem:

      Dear Adobe,

      On the 11th of January 2012 I wanted to routinely update my billing information as the business credit card has been replaced. I went on to your website to edit billing online. Your website came up with an error and said I have to contact customer care. So I rang up, waited on hold of about 28minutes. They then manually changed my account details. I thought the problem had been solved so I then re-enter the renewed serial number and now It says I have a licensing issue. I can longer do any work. So I call back another almost half an hour on hold. After we attempt to delete the cached file. He tells me to uninstall the software then reinstall it and then we get disconnected and he doesn't call back. So I go ahead finish uninstalling then reinstalling the software only to get the same problem.


      So I call back another 30minute wait. Then talk to another person, they want me to uninstall and reinstall again so that takes another 45minutes and of course it still has the same problem of licensing, even though I told him it was exactly the same apart for being admin this time around.


      So now I talk to my boss, in  in-desperation we decide lets just buy another copy and new serial number new download link. But wait another error on the website not letting me do it myself, I have to call customer service. I then talk to Maxx and after waiting for almost half an hour and just as we are confirming everything we get disconnected, I get no call back again.


      I now wait about 20 minutes then another 18minutes on hold when I get transferred to the subscriptions specialist. They can cancel my account but they can't buy  another one for me because they have the wrong IP address and so it will fail. So now I have no software, and we run a weekly magazine, so we go to print every week and I am already a day behind and now it's 3.30pm and I've been on the phone for so long, so no one else could use it. This should of been easy, your website should work for everyone even people in New Zealand, you should have a better call service and I should have to give out my details over and over again. No one understood my kiwi accent and I had to spell everything out alpha beta ect so painful. I also hate your call waiting music which I have listened to for over 3hours or something. I have had to fight back the angry emotion because you can only cry on your birthday at work.


      So I expect a refund for the subscription and a apology letter but I also want you to improve your service because it it so terrible. I hope no one else will ever have to endure your call waiting times or hold music for over 3hours in one day and attempt to give contact details to people who don't understand.


      This has disrupted my work day and my week is going to be really screwed up now.

      If this new software download doesn't work I think I'll have to go work from somewhere else on another computer. It's a huge hassle.


      Pissed off,


      Greta Gotlieb

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          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry for your troubles Greta!  Did you try running the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool between one of those reinstallations?  It wipes all traces of CS off your system, to allow you to reboot then and start anew




          Outside of that, if it is truly a problem with the particular license key number you received, or some other interaction on your computer, then only Adobe customer service would be able to help

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            gretagotlieb Level 1

            Hello Pro Design Tools,

            Thank you for your feed back! The support fianlly fixed this for me.

            Adobe has a technical error in which New Zealanders sometimes can't verify the 5.5 Design Suite Premium software on subscription (and possibly other products).

            THE SOLUTION: YOU JUST RESET THE TIME ZONE TO AMERICA!! (so simple but so stupid)


            What they got me to do first:

            Login as admin, close all Applications.

            Delete cached files in my HD --> Library--> Application Support---> Adobe--> Adobe PCD--> Then delete cache.db - Clear Trash


            (Run a Disk Utility verify on HD not sure if this is necessary)


            Make sure the Adobe software has 'Read and Write' permissions on Admin and account users.


            Change the time zone to America and lock it.


            Restart computer


            Check time zone is still America


            Access software with serial number.

            It should now work!!


            Reset time zone to New Zealand


            Test software opens


            YAY I just wasted 3 days of my life on a stupid error


            They said they are working on a software fix, I said it better be a free upgrade. I can't believe I lost sleep over this.