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    Why might the Title Tools Panel not open after I choose OK?


      I am new to Adobe Premiere Pro 5.  At first, a couple times I was successful in creating a NEW TITLE for a sequence, the Titler opened up, I made my title, and placed it in the timeline. 


      However, ever since that time for any new project, when I go to create a New Title, using any of the options, like default still, and click OK, nothing happens, i.e. no window opens to enter text and do formatting.


      I looked to see if I had checks next to everything in the Window view area that should allow the title panel to be visible, but everytime I try to create a title, the name I give it appears in the Project area, but no titler opens as it once did.  


      Please suggest any things to try.  I have all these videos to title, and cannot move forward without some advice.