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    New Tool

      Does anyone know of a "RoboHelp for Dreamweaver Users" article? After years of using Dreamweaver I need to consider a Single Source editor so I'm playing w/RoboHelp. - Any advice would be most appreciated.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If you have been using Dreamweaver as your editor with its squeaky clean code, after using the RH WYSIWYG editor you may need some serious counselling. I suggest you create a test project and look at the HTML to see what I mean.

          That said, RH does do a good job of creating many outputs. So perhaps the solution for you would be to set RH up so that it used DW as the editor. That way you keep your nice code and get the benefits of RH.

          There are topics on RoboWizard's site at www.robowizard.com and mine about setting up RH to use other editors. You should also find plenty of other material that may help.

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            IvyDr Level 1
            Thanks for the advice Peter, and for the link to your site. - I've already noticed the difference in code but, sigh, at this point I have to choose one tool...
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Oh dear! I would be protesting long and hard at my manager if I was in this situation.

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                IvyDr Level 1
                Thanks, I'm working on it, as we speak.