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    Debugging database/networking issue on production build




      I run into a problem when I take my release build and put it on a server that is not not development server (I use localhost with MAMP as development server).

      Maybe somebody can help me.


      Everything runs smoothly on the local machine, especially a specific CRUD operation (the add method).


      But when I test it out on the production server (which is a server on my company's intranet), I cannot get it to run reliably, recently not at all.

      I am visualysing some key variables which all look good. I think the service call is nicely initiated.


      But I don't get a callResponder result handler to tell me that things went well.


      How can one debug such situation best (I cannot connect my development machine with the  Flex install to that server due to security measures).


      I checked out php and MySQL versions on both machines to be pretty much matching...


      Running out of any ideas, and running out of time as the application cannot be deployed is such a state of non-functioning.



      Thanks for some hints