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    Big delay in opening protected files


      Hi everybody,


      I have installed and configured a Single Server Turnkey of Livecycle ES2 with RMS on JBoss and MySQL (downloaded from Adobe site) on Windows Server 2008 R2. My scenario includes protecting files using RMS.

      Everything works fine except when I try to open a protected file. The opening time is between 15-25 sec (from the moment I type the credentials and I click enter till the moment the document is displayed).

      Same thing happens when the protection is in anonymous mode.

      I've tried opening with a lot of versions of Adobe Reader and on different platforms, same behaviour, so I guess it's a server side problem. There is no errors in server.log of JBoss.


      Thanks for any advices.

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          How long does it take to open the same document when it has not had a policy applied to it?




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            alexnnet Level 1

            If the document is unprotected (no policy applied to it) the opening time

            is as usual for any PDF (<5sec)

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              alexnnet Level 1

              I've also tried to open the file on the server (to reduce the possible network delay) and I get the same results (big delay).

              I've restarted JBoss several times and also the Operating System.


              What is weird is that yesterday I re-installed SP2 for LC and for a couple of hours the problem dissapeared (PDFs were opening without delay). The problem appeared again after a few hours. Is it something related to the (re)deploying of EARs ?


              Is there some way to debug this problem ?

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                SForrest96 Level 4

                If no specific errors or exceptions are thrown, it's difficult to troubleshoot.  Acrobat or Reader has to communicate with the RM server, the user has to be authenticated, and the AES key has to be sent to the client to decrypt the document.  It is difficult to know which part is contributing most to the slow down.  I don't believe that the deploying or re-deploying of the EAR files is related to the problem.


                Is Reader\Acrobat installed on the same machine as the LiveCycle server (JBoss)?  If not, is the access time faster when everything is on the same machine?


                Can you contact Adobe Support to see if they have any insight?




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                  alexnnet Level 1

                  I tried opening it with Reader installed on the same machine and no change in time delay.

                  Independent of the file size I get the same delay.

                  I'm using AES 128.



                  After some debugging, I conclude that the delay is ocurring when the client waits for the server to send back the key (I think).

                  I sniffed the TLS traffic between the client and server and there is clearly a time lapse of more than 10 sec between the first exchanges(which is sending

                  information from client to server) and the last exchanges (getting info back). Do you have any clues on this ? What might cause the delay in response from the server ?


                  Thank you