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    FABridge for Flex2 Final

    Bart Vanhulle
      I was wondering when the FABridge for the final Flex2 release will be out. I have been experimenting with the Beta3 version but after upgrading to the final release I started experiencing problems.
      The main problem is that with Windows and using FF a Flex2 application that uses http binding goes wild when sending/retrieving data over the bridge. This still works fine with Beta3 and the Beta3 player. Strange enough it works fine with IE. On a mac or linux box it works with all browsers, including FF. It's like something is conflicting in the FP9 and the current version of FABridge, although this is still speculation.
      I noticed similar problems with Opera, which uses the same flash player plugin as FF. (I expect that every browser using that plugin, so not the ActiveX one) will be affected by this behaviour.

      I'm not sure what the response on this topic will be. I can't say that this forum is very lively :)