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    Advanced cell-style plugin?


      Does anyone know if there is a plugin or perhaps another way to create a set hight for a cell in a Cell-style?

      Idealy I would like to set a cell to a minimum hight of lets say 14pt, and incrementing by 7pt whenever the content desires it. The only way I can think of is doing this for each row of each table by hand.


      This in itself is quite a tedious job, but since we have documents with over 150 linked Excel sheets (that tend to change on client updates... adding rows etc), this means doing it over and over again.


      Any tips?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          It's not hard to script this sort of thing.


          But the minimum height is a minimum height. Why do you need to increase it by p7 sometimes?

          If you can articulate the clear rules for exactly waht you want to happen, we can give you a script.

          A screenshot might help.

          (So might posting in the scripting forum)

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            thedesmodus Level 1

            Ah, I did not think about scripting it. That might be a solution indeed.


            The reason why we would need 7pt increments is that multiple lines orften won't fit in a 14pt cell hight. And most designs call for a grid to work in.


            So what I would want to happen is a hight of an empty cell to be 7pt.

            The hight of a cell with content to be a minimum of 14pt, unless this cell contains multiple lines it should increase by 7pt till it can fit all content (and decrease by 7pt if a line is removed in an update of the .xls file).

            A cell with a certain Cell-style to have a hight of 21pt.


            Hope the attached example helps.


            I will also post it in the scripting section, but perhaps leave it here till there is a solution? So others that, like me, fail to think of scripting will also find it.


            Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 12.02.08.png

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              See Set table row height for the scripting forum discussion.