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    Add web url to one frame of an animated gif?

    sally44 Level 1

      I have created an animated gif in Photoshop CS5 and want to add a url to one of the 3 frames as this gif is going on a website as a banner advert.



      I've read that I can use the slice tool to do this (?), but if so, I need help in laymans language as to how to do this. Or should I be doing it  a different way. I dont have fireworks, flash, illustrator etc, just photoshop cs5.

      The animated gif is for a website on a wordpress platform.


      Please help!

      Thank you.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          The Slice tool will divide an image into sections. These sections are not temporal, that is they cannot be time or frame based. They are physical structures, so you can make the bottom half have a URL displayed, and attach the HTML code to make that URL a clickable link. But this is all handled by HTML code. When you use the Slice Tool in combination with File > Save for Web and Devices, your output is not just the GIF file, but a full HTML web page that places the images (each slice will be a separate image file) so that it appears as a single image, with separate areas having URL link code attached.


          What you are trying to do, have a link attached to a single frame of animation within a GIF, is not possible. The GIF file format doesn't support anything like this, it does not support clickable links, nor does it support special behaviors per frame. Clickable links are entirely handled by HTML when it comes to image files. You would have to use Flash for something like this, but you would be creating an SWF, not a GIF. Fireworks and Illustrator would work the same as Photoshop in this regard.

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            TZiady Level 1

            As the other answered. I just thought I would add to this. Not that you would still be interested in a solution; however, I think you are looking for a slider. Now a days you can find many easy and quick to install sliders. Give one a try. Something like Wowslider should get you started.


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              Hello, I designed one banner for my 24x7servermanagement.com site, and when I assign html code to that image then that will redirect to another page, I checked my code and everything- but that looks ok, after I check some youtube video and after some effort that's seen problem of (") double colon. my one more question is if I want different transaction effect for the different slice then what should I do?