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    Swinging/Rotating an object in AE 5.5


      Hi all,


      I have a question about something that I am trying to achieve in AE5,5.


      I have a clip that I would like to 'rotate' into the frame and was wondering how I could do this. If I might explain:


      If you can imagine the action of a clapperboard, you might have an idea of the effect I'm trying to attain.Essentially, I'd like the clip to start offscreen on the right hand side of the frame, At this point, the clip would be rotated 90 degree clockwise. Over the a next couple of seconds, I'd like it to 'crash' down into the frame, rotating around the lower, right corner so that it ends up filling the frame and the correct way up :-). I thought it would be fairly easy to do this with a few adjustments around the anchor points but I seem to be having no luck as whenever I move the anchor point, the entire clip seems to move rather than just adjusting the point at which I'd like it to rotate.


      What am I missing??


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What am I missing??


          The pan behind tool, most likely... I recommend you read the help and this blog post of ours truly Todd K. You seem to be lacking in some basics (no offense)...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Before you set any keyframes move the anchor point to the lower right corner of the layer by typing in the layer size in the the anchor point properties of the timeline or by using the Anchor Point/Pan Behind tool from the Tool Bar. Move the layer to the starting point and set keyframes for position and rotation. Move the CTI (Current time indicator to the end point and adjust the position and rotation of the layer.


            This is extremely basic stuff. Have you gone through any training materials?

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              Klangster1971 Level 1

              :-) Ah, I've been rumbled!! To be honest, I come from a straight video editing background and am just starting to get to grips with AE. I have just cracked open the Classroom-In-A-Book this week and (naively) thought that it might be something I could achieve simply by changing the anchor point from which to rotate the object around.  Seems like I was slightly off track - maybe I should have perservered with the book before I tried!


              Many thanks for the replies - I will certainly have a look at the blog post you mentioned and will see how I get on. From what I've seen so far, AE looks like it's going to be keep me occupied for many, many months to come. I'm looking forward to it!


              thanks again,