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    Creating a Flex CMS

      I am looking to create a Flex CMS for managing a school site. I have an .xml file that is connected to my flex image gallery. To make it easier on the people that need to edit or add information about the photos I am looking to create a CMS. I realize that this would involve using other technologies such as PHP but if someone would like to assist me on this project I would be greatful. If there is a way to do this I would also like to expand this to edit HTML files as well. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

      I was looking to Flex for this project because of the great interface and possibities but it is not nessasary for me to use this ( I could always go with a standard approach - HTML, PHP, etc. - ).

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          chris.huston.t10 Level 3
          I developed a Flex based CMS for two schools with PHP and MySQL on the backend. I also used TinyMCE for editing the html files by using Flex's External Interface. It worked great. If you can post a more detailed project description or email me, I might be able to help out.

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            web.developer Level 1
            The project is a new extension to the school site for clubs and organizations. I currently have a homepage and one club site ready. The club site is for the art club hense the image gallery. I do not want to be resoponsible for adding content for everyones clubs and that is why i am looking towards CMS. I will have to check about the permissions that can be given in regards to PHP nad MySQL access as the server is shared for the entire school district's websites. I will be trying to push access but in the meantime I want to get started on the website.

            Each club or organization will have its own login to give it access to changing its own site. I do not want to give them any access to the actual files on the server. In regards to the xml file I will try to set it up in advance and not get them to edit it as it will probably look intimidating with 100+ nodes.

            I look forward to seeing what you have developed. I will contact you via email with my contact information.

            Thanks for the help,