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    Move toolbar Captivate v5.5

    Noel_Griffiths Level 1

      I can  get the toolbar to a horizontal floating position but now I want to place it in a fixed horizontal position under the horizontal control panel, but cannt get it to fix itself where I can see it all.


      Can anyone helop me please. The Help manual is not helpful.



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          CP has only 3 docking stations, where you can 'fix' panels and I think you are referring to the vertical panel with the tools like selector, insert Caption... fill and stroke color? It is also a panel and can only be docked (fixed) in those stations that are vertical left (where it originally resides), vertical right and the bottom station (with normally the timeline, the effects, master slide etc).




          BTW: blogged about workspaces once;  it was for CP5.0, in  CP5.5 the workspace Effects was added (which I had already as a custom workspace in CP5)

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            Noel_Griffiths Level 1

            You are right Lilybiri,


            I want(ed) to change the location of the Object Toolbar (1 below) to a fixed vertical position above the Control panel (2 below).

            The "Align" toolbar (3 below) places itself in the right location when you open it, and there is room for the Object Toolbar to the right - seems stupid you cannt just drag and drop the Object Tool bar into the space available (2), and keep it fixed there.


            Object Tool.png#