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    CS3 - Illustrator and InDesign quits when trying to print



      I have just bought a new iMac i7 running OSX 10.7.2. I have reinstalled my version of CS3 and I can open all elements - Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

      The problem I am having is that Illustrator and InDesign quit when I try to print. It happens when I use 'command P' and when I go through the file menu. Photoshop doesn't quit when printing.

      I can make PDFs of the files and I can print those (although sometimes the PDF won't print through my RIP software).

      OS is updated to the latest version. All printer software and RIP is the latest version. InDesign also quit a couple of thimes when I was just selecting a line of type. i

      It did it a few times when selecting the same line. I restarted the Mac and all seems OK with that now but I still can't print.

      Can anyone shed any light onto this? I tried Adobe and they don't support CS3 any more and their Technical Department suggetsed I try this forum.

      I don't want the expense of upgrading my CS3 at the moment.