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    Really basic embeding problem

      I am trying to duplicate a display for training pilots. The display is a 14hi x 25wide grid. The font is 'Letter Gothic MT Bold'.
      Each character has equal widths and fits perfectly in the grid, which is what I need. I also need the same font 3 points smaller that also fits in the grid. I do this by selecting 1.8 A/V (I guess this is like kerning) It works great with static text.

      Unfortunately, I have to embed the font so the end user can see it correctly. Thats where problems begin. I apparently can only embed with Dynamic text which is OK. When I embed the font the 1.8 A/V (kerning) goes away and I lose all the alignment. I am currently trying to use text variables and HTML coding to color the letters and change the size of the characters.

      I have to embed, I would like dynamic text, and I have to change the color on individual characters.

      I don't understand how flash manages text. I tried to find it in the online docs and in this forum but no luck.

      Any ideas?
      Sorry, I'm still using Flash 7.

      Thanks for helping.