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    Finshed Project is too fast ("Fast Motion") (MPG4 files)

    Carsiden 2012

      First, thank you for your time.


      I am using Premiere Elements 10 (although this problem used to happen with PE9 also)


      I am a very amateur video editor. As a matter of fact, I don't do fancy things. All I want is to be able to get both standard and HD video files from my cameras and burn them into DVD's to share with my friends and family.


      I mainly use a GoPro Hero HD camera. Here's a link to the camera model (http://gopro.com/cameras/hd-motorsports-hero-camera/)


      The recorded files are MPG4   I also use a very simple Sony Camcorder (not HD)


      In my projects, I am able to obtain the files, put them together, add music, etc. The problem comes with the finished projects.  Once the Project is played in the computer using PE 10 it looks like if it was on "fast motion".   The movement of the subjects in the video is faster than the original video actually is. This is also the way it looks once it is burnt to a DVD.


      The videos look perfect when the cameras are connected directly to the HD definition TV. So I know it is not aproblem with the files.


      I record a lot of dirtbike riding from the GoPro Camera, and the finished project looks as if we are going a lot faster that we are.


      I tried slowing the speed of the video, on the video editor and I can make it look a lot better (just as if it was real life), but I know I am just "eyeballing" the speed and not really setting it up as the original file. I am not sure this is the right thing to do


      A second related issue is that the GoPro camera records in HD, but the resulting DVD's are not in HD. What do I need to do in order to be able to burn into DVD, Blue Ray, or whatever, and have the resulting Project also in HD?


      Any help on this will be great!


      Thank you