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    InDesign Book for separate publications?

    zimbop Level 1

                I'm creating a series of books (in the publishing rather than InDesign sense) but would like to handle all the styles in one central place (like an external CSS almost, but for multiple separate publications). It seems from my research so far that the only way of doing this is by Joining my separate project/documents into an InDesign Book Document.


      Is it sensible (workable?) to group separate books/projects/publications together into a Book document just to be able to share and sync file resources? Is anyone doing this? Am I asking for trouble?!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's certainly doable, but has some potential downside risk, too, like mistakenly synching a master pages that shouldn't be. Is eac "book" made of one document, or multiple documents? If multiple, I'd be incliined to do the style synching by loading the styles into a source doc for each publication, and make a spearate Book file for each. If you decide to change something you can then fix one and reload the styles into the other sources, then synch each book separately. Slightly more work, but I'd sleep better.