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    Presenter 7 Question Description for SCORM Interactions

    Margaret Eldridge Level 1

      I am trying to support a client using our LMS. He is creating SCORM 2004 content with quizzes using Adobe Presenter 7. He has chosen to report question-level details for the quiz interactions. All data comes through in the LMS just fine, except for the question description. So, what you get is a list of the answers the student entered compared to the correct answer, without any identifier about what the question is that is being answered. Without the question name, text, or description, the interaction data is useless. Where in Adobe Presenter can he add the question description?  If not in Presenter, then can it be added as a tag in the quiz XML file? What should the tag be, and where should we add it? The question description text is a feature that is supported by SCORM 2004, so it should be possible to add. I have personally created tests in Lectora that populate this field in our LMS.


      Results reported from the Presenter Quiz in our LMS:


      Results reported from a Lectora Quiz in our LMS:


      Thank you!