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    Capture HDV problems and crash

    RFendelman Level 1

      This is the first time I have tried to capture tape from my Sony Z7U HDV camera.  Usually, I just import the digital files from my digital back.  I am using an iMac 27"


      Problem 1: the captured files are mpeg.  How do I specify Quicktime files, or for that matter any other kind I want?  I do not see any setting choices anywhere.


      Problem 2: at 23:29:07 in my timeline, the frame goes to a solid color and from there on, the audio is way off sync.  at that frame number on the original tape, there is no obvious glitch. Maybe there is a dropped frame that is messing that up, but I can't see it.  In Preferences I selected to show dropped frames and there is no record of one.


      Problem 3: after I have completed the capture, a naming box appears.  When I close that box, PPro crashes.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Problem 1: iMAC


          Problem 2: is not a problem, it is a streak of luck you are not condemned to QuiRcktime.


          Problem 3: don't do that.

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            RFendelman Level 1

            Are you, like, the official forum comedian?

            This is not helpful.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Harm got the numbering a bit off.


              Problem 1:  You can't change this.  The files are MPEG and you have no other options.

              Problem 2:  This is sometimes the result of shooting in MPEG.  Others with experience on this issue may be able to make some suggestions.  The only thing I can offer is not to shoot in MPEG.  (Meaning, get a diffrent camera.)

              Problem 3:  This shouldn't be happening.  Do you still have the captured clip on the hard drive after the crash?

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Some additional info:

                1. HDV is always mpeg, If you want quicktime you will have to downconvert in the camera to SD.

                2. If you get red frames that means there are dropped frames: capture with scene detection on that will reduce the sync problem. And run a cleaning tape once in a while.

                Don't use someone elses tapes.

                I have a hdv camera and never have seen red frames.

                3. no issues there.

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                  Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                  Do not use timecode in Premiere Pro 1.5.1 or CS 5.5.2 unless you have stripped the tape ( ie.but, run the new tape to record timecode,blank recording ) when videoing before hand, works perfectly on PC, no problems with over 100  Sony Pro Digital Master Tapes we have had issues with a Mac and never use it in other Media Business. At 1920 x 1080p do not use Quick time ,Some Macs do not like Anamorphic HDV/mpeg-2 The hybrid recording in this camera if 4.2.2 color space may be an issue ? Normally 4.2.0 to tape; Ask SONY SERVICE. In HDV Tape mode it is > 1440 x 1080 i , are your settings right ? Do not use Cinema Mode 24 fps unless you are going back to 35mm film, frankly there is no point ???


                  Have a good day ? But, what a great video camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!, the best of both worlds.


                  Experiment >Why don't you use the hard drive output,it may not be anamorphic, it may solve the problem ? or if desperate go to Sony Vegas Pro 11 ? Actually Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 may even solve the issue.


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