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    Couple questions regarding Cirrus

    msabljic Level 1



      I am planning development of an iPhone app that could be based on Cirrus technology but before i proceed i would like to be clear on couple questions so i would

      really appreciate any help i could get on the following matters:


      1. Is Cirrus technology something that is here to stay or it could go down anytime in the future? I am asking this because if I develop an app based on it, it would be terrible to say at least to loose it because of Cirrus shutting down.


      2. If i understood correctly, Cirrus is capable of multiple streams? For example, i would like to stream certain video to more that one mobile user so i guess that's possible with Cirrus?


      3. Is is possible to submit an app to Apple store that is based on Cirrus? Did anyone here succeed with this?


      4. From what i've read, Cirrus can't record video that is beeing streamed. Since i need that functionality what are other alternatives or ways to do that but without loosing Cirrus as backend since it has a lot of other advantages over FMS for example? Or should i base my app on FMS if i need video recording options?



      Thank you in advance,