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    Creating a PDF from a very large excel spreadsheet


      Hi all - I have a very large excel spreadsheet (60 columns, 5500 rows) that I need to convert into a PDF.  No idea how to do this....I know how to use the adobe printer to create a PDF, problem is with something this big, all the rows can't fit onto one page, not even close.  It seems the PDF needs to be, for lack of a better word, scrollable.  Maybe wouldn't be as big a deal if I had just 5 records....but it's like I'd need to have a PDF set up where I'd be able to view 20 records per page, but would need to 'scroll' thru all the rows, and once that is complete, then show the next 20 records, 'scroll' through all the rows in those records, then go to the next 20 records...etc.  Not sure how to do this....does this need to be set up in excel in terms of certain settings/page set-up, etc, or is this something that needs to be handled strictly within the pdf (in other words updating/changing settings in adobe pdf to get it to output everything in a useable and readable format)?  


      Thanks for any advice/help!