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    fyi for sharing to state and using Photoshop psd as states




      I am new to flash catalyst, and my first project was not going to well.  I created all my website layout in photoshop(5 pages), and imported each psd in catalyst as states 1 to 5.  State 1 has the logo and links in it and I wanted to share it to the other four states.  When I click on share to other states and it finishes I go to the other states and the logo is not visible.  After reseaching everywhere about the problem I looked at my layer panel again and noticed each time I imported the psd it put all the layers under the same original layer!  So to fix it I click on blank state then click on new layer then import the psd and the imported layers are in a seperate "grouped" layer.  Next when you share a image,component,ect to other states the layer order is same as photoshop so that the image has to be on top layer to be visible when you share to other states.  Anyway I dont read manuals on products so this may be in there but just a quick fyi.