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    Exporting PDF spreads as separate pages

    amebade05 Level 1

      Okay, not sure if this is a feature that was included at all or it's something that was added in later releases. I'm using InDesign CS3–


      I want to export PDF's as spreads (or side by side). The problem with exporting it as such is that the pages are no longer individualized in the PDF, but rather they are one huge wide page. The pages are no longer recognized as individual pages, so that if a person wants to print page 2 or 3, the pages cannot be individually selected because they turned into this massively horizontal PDF.


      Is there a way to export the pages as PDF spreads while retaining the individuality of the pages for print or other purposes? I want spreads for presentation purposes, but I also want people to be able to print out a particular page if they choose to without printing the whole thing out.


      If you want to see what I'm talking about, fire up InDesign, start a new letter-size document, create 2 or 3 new pages and line them up side by side as spreads, then try exporting it.


      File>Export>Adobe PDF, check 'All Pages' and 'Spreads' boxes. Open the PDF in Acrobat and try printing page 2 or 3. You will find that you can't because the pages are no longer selectable, but rather your document is now 1 single bloated pdf page.


      Please, no script solutions (if any).