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    After Effects Rendering Problem!


      Hi ! New user here, Ive got a problem with after effects when I'm trying to render My first ever project and I am getting an error when rendering (see screenshot). Does anybody know how to fix this. This is a college project so I am look for a quick fix if possible!




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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          That's too bad.  But a single error message is unlikely to yield helpful advice.


          Please give us all the following information:

          Your computer & processors

          Amount of RAM

          Your OS version

          Your PRECISE version of AE

          The type of video footage being used: media container (.mov, .mts, .mp4, etc.) and codec (cineform, H.264, DV, etc.)

          The presence of CMYK still footage in your project

          Whether you're trying to use Open GL to accelerate renders

          Whether you're trying to use multiprocessing

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            haz102 Level 1

            Sorry I should have listed this earlier but here it is!:


            2.7Ghz AMD Processor (Single core)

            2GB RAM (Not alot I know, but I am not a seroius film maker, This is just a college project, But it is still important )

            Windows XP Service Pack 3


            I am using .avi video files in my project but I do not know the codecs.

            The last 3 on the list I didn't quite understand.


            I hope you can help!



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              File I/O errors almost always point to eitehr damged footage files or issues with your harddrives while saving the file. Could be as trivial as the drive getting full or being heavily fragmented, could be more serious issues with e.g. SATA or RAID drivers. Check your device manager and the disk properties and do a little maintenance liek defragmenting or deleting unnecessary temporary files. Also try to render an image sequence from AE ratehr than another AVI or whatever you have chosen for your output file....



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                haz102 Level 1

                Thanks for the response. i'll keep you updated!