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    CS4 Problem getting text from Illustrator over to Photoshop.

    NTC Ann Level 1

      What a mess and why is  this so difficult. I finally figured out how to create my text on a curve and leave the letters going straight up and down. So I am trying to paste or drag and drop over to my bottle in Photoshop but what happens is that the text is in a clear area But then it creates a white box around that so I can't see my bottle. I have a lot of bottles I need to change the names on and no time to reshoot and knock them all out. Help please!!! I am going to try and attach images again but when I tried in  the Illustrator forum... the load button was greyed out.


      Now on top of it, I am trying to create an image to attach... and it's doing even more crazy stuff. I created an image with the full bottle on L and what is supposed to be the full bottle on the R = only instead for some reason.... my text is coming over from Illustrator with an additional white box blocking most my bottle... then on top of it.... I tried to just type in what was going on and then if I rasterize the text OR I just try to save.... it created a new black box blocking the bottom 1/2... now what do I do??? This is really a mess!!!!test 1.jpg