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    Display video and save locally



      I have flex web application where users can watch and download quicktime movies.

      Right now I have a Spark VideoPlayer which downloads the video and shows it.

      When the user wants to save the movie I use FileReference download to save it.

      The problem is that the same movie is then downloaded from the server again which doubles my servers load.

      I'm looking for a solution to download the movie only once and display it in the application and save the same download locally if the user wants to do that.

      It seems there is no solution to convert a ByteArray to Video (only with FLV and appendBytes).

      Saving the file temporary is only possible with Shared Objects and the user has to give permission for bigger files or with Air.

      I haven't found a way yet to get the bytes from a Videoobject.

      Anyone can help me out? Or is there no solution for my problem?

      Thanks for any help!