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    Snap to? Smart Guides? Not sure what the issue is but it's annoying.

    f ron miller Level 1

      Just made the big step up from CS2 to CS5. Lots of changes as to be expected but otherwise a smooth transition. Nice work Adobe.


      One recurring issue has got me baffled and annoyed. It appears to be a snap-to function yet I'm unable to locate the place where it might be disabled.


      In my previous version of InDesign resizing window sizes and shapes was a fluid and easy motion. Now it's staggering and akward. The text and picture boxes want to snap on an unseen grid. I understand how this can be a useful function for some kinds of work but it also gets in the way of composing an image.


      Any suggestions on how to disable this?


      Presently, I have both Smart Guides and Snap to Document Grid UNCHECKED in the View menu yet I'm remain unable to smoothly and fluidly size my text and picture boxes.