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    Bug with continuation \ character

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      I have some scripts which put together long strings into string variables.
      By necessity, these things are using \ characters in order to be split onto
      multiple (2-5) lines in the script window. Otherwise, they'd be miles long
      and editing them would be a real pain. Problem is, Director seems to have
      no idea what to do when indenting continuation lines, causing them all to be
      skewed all over the place. This wouldn't be so much of a problem - you can
      always manually indent them to make things line up how you want. However,
      where it's become something not just mildly annoying but seriously broken is
      that sometimes, it adds large chunks of space in the MIDDLE of your
      continued lines, sometimes even inside the quotes, which of course makes the
      text break by adding a whole bunch of space where it shouldn't be. Every
      time I alter any code in the same script as these lines, (especially script
      which temporarily alters the indentation, like if, case, repeat, etc.
      statements), I have to then go down and correct all of the lines which use
      continuation, or I'll end up with a bunch of random unwanted spaces in my
      text. Even if I'm altering code in another handler in the same script, it
      can mess up all the continued lines. Is there some better way to do this
      that avoids this serious glitch? I'm getting tired of fixing these things
      every time I make an unrelated change elsewhere in the script...