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    RDS Resource Management

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      If this is an solved issue, please direct me to the right place for solution. I could not find answer any where.


      Since our sites migrated to ColdFusion + Dreamweaver, both Adobe products, we use RDS to manage and deploy web sites after developments at local test environments. I think this is the right way to develop a web project, right? However, the RDS in ColdFusion Builder 2 (CFB2) seems differently. The RDS Fileview can browse, create, and even edit the remote files/folders via RDS, but my local web site or web page has no way to be deployed to the server using RDS. For security reasons, my organization does not allow FTP of any kind, yet FTP varieties are the ONLY way for CFB2 to upload/download files between client and server storages. Dreamweaver provides FTP, WebDAV, network drives, and, of course, RDS, and how come these are all unavailble except FTP in CFB2?


      Actually, there must be some mechanism existing so that you can open file in RDS Fileview (must have a local copy), save it to the remote server in RDS Fileview (transfer the local tmp file to the remote via RDS.) Adobe: CFB2 is a $300 product and the support is poor. This function is supposed to be an existing technology within Adobe. Why Adobe makes a bad build and is still asking for money using open-source codebase? Very disappointed.