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    Best Format to Save

    NotEnoughHours Level 1

      I'm just getting started with PrPro and had a couple of questions on how best to save edited HD video.  Most of my videos are made for Web, but I still want to keep archives of the highest quality for archives.  Using Premiere Elements, I used to save with their MPEG2 preset 1920x1080i - this generated an high defintion .mt2 file.  With Premiere Pro I'm currently saving as a .mpg file using the MPEG2 preset at 1920x1080 - which seems to be the equivalent, but then I notice more settings, for example under the Video tab, there is a quality that is set to 4 but could be increased to 5... then there's target and maximum bitrates... at which point I thought it was worth asking for some help...


      Advice anyone?