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      In Adobe Flash Catalyst, I have created a thumbnail with a scrollbar. That thumbnail is needed in order for a user to be able to be able to click on any of the documents within that thumbnail, which will open in another browser window for viewing purposes.


      The problem is that I have noticed that when trying to upload any type of document (i.e. word, pdf, etc.) in Adobe Flash Catalyst, it will require that the document be changed into an image file.  Once the document has been changed to an image file, such as a jpeg, for example, it will then separate the document into multiple pages if the document was more than one page. This seems like such a tedious effort from a developer's standpoint. And also, from an end-user standpoint, the user will not be able to click on ONE image within the thumbnail to see the entire document. Instead, if you are dealing with a 4-page document, you will have to click on each individual page within the thumbnail in order to view the entire document. Is there a better way of doing this?