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    Premiere CS5.5.2 playback issue

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      I  am aware that there has been issues with the Capture on Premiere, I asumed all would be fine with the latest edition. My workflow is usally SXS or CF card based so very rare for me to use Premiere or anyhting else for capture untill today. I had a client bring some DVCAM tapes and some HDV tapes. I  used Scenealyser for all the DVcam tapes, when it came to the HDV tapes I tried Premiere and thats where i was stuck. I cannot get any hdv footage to play from the hdv vtr, The sreen is all black, When i press record the time counter does not move and no footage gets recorded even though the vtr is playing. The usuall premiere screen appears stating that preview is on hardware etc. I  tested dvcam with premiere and all is fine, Anyway I tried HDvSplit in the past, so downloaded the current verson, I  cannot get this to work also, black screen, and stops recording after a few secs.


      it does mention ffdshow download however i did not want to downlaod as it could conflict with my other codecs/drivers.


      I Recently purchased some banckrupt stock form a production company who went under, and in the stock was Mainconcept reference 2, I installed this with the extra plugins that were included, I must say its a very good piece of software, this allowed me to capture with no issues, I can also select the encode type while capturing,


      is there something that i missed about premiee that i need todo,


      I have searched the forum and could not find a solution.


      any help would be good.


      1394 drivers are set to legacy.



      Windows 7 64bit ultimate with all current updates, adobe master collection with all updates,.