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    PS7 - PS CS5 / Save targa file, no key


      Hello all,

      Complete newbie, please have some patience with me. I used to do end panels on Photoshop 7. They just had text and I would save them as tga's, where anything transparent would be automatically keyed out when I bring it into our video system. It was awesome! We just installed CS5 and it seems to flatten the image so there is absolutely no key. I know that I can select the text, go to the alpha channel and create the key that way.

      My question is, is there any way for CS5 to do what Photoshop 7 did and just save the file as targa and take the transparency and make it a key? Using CS5, I have to take more steps. Normally I wouldnt mind but I have to do about 100 a day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.