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    INDD CS5 - Using an INDB book & want to hyperlink from file to file


      I'm using INDD CS5 version 7.0 on Mac OS 10.6.8.


      I have an INDB book that includes 15-20 smaller files, and we are about to distribute the finalized book to hundreds of people as a PDF.


      I've set up hyperlinks to create a table of contents, section headers, and other linkages between INDD files that will eventually be part of the same PDF whole (link to page, find correct file, find correct page, click OK). I spent a day doing that - lots of program crashes for some reason. That done, we created a PDF from the INDB file. Then we discovered in the final PDF that hyperlinks within the same INDD file work, as do hyperlinks out to the greater web, but links from one INDD file to another don't work.


      Any ideas? We need to fix this file up in the next few days for distribution, and I'd prefer not to remove the hyperlink functionality if I don't have to.


      I can also tell you that the bookmarks I set up on first pages of INDD files inexplicably go to 1-2 pages further into the document.


      Thanks for any/all advice.