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    Scale tool acts opposite from CS4 to CS5?

    medmarketing Level 1

      this may be an old question, but i never could figure it out.

      In Indesign CS4 and earlier, to scale something perfectly to percentage, all you had to do was click the corner area where you wanted to start the scale, then hold the shift key and the object scaled from the corner originally clicked upon.

      this allowed you to perfectly scale anything to fit the space you needed it to fit (whether going up, left, right, down, center). and to be able to start an objects location exactly where it was needed and as far as it needed to go.


      In CS5 and 5.5, the scale tool acts almost entirely opposite.

      the shift key does not scale everything to percentage (with exceptions, although perhaps not)

      Scaling an object in the direction you want it to go acts backwards.

      It is as if there is only one direction to scale from now, where before you could scale from any point. (tough to put an action into words, but I think you know what I am saying)

      I realize the scale tool is now grouped under a single control with rotate and free transform (and of course the skew), whereas before there were three separate buttons in the tool bar.

      Did the act of combining those tools into a single button somehow destroy the scale functionality?


      I never could figure this out when CS5 originally came out, so stayed with CS4, I'm beginning to use CS5 more often for larger documents and find that the scale tool is driving me bonkers.

      I can't find any reference to this backwards way of doing the scale tool, but I would like to eventually get it to work the way it should (with shift key to scale percentage wise correctly and to be able to scale in direction of choice)


      Your help would be greatly appreciated.