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      I have a Kobo touch that I am trying to set up for use with library books. I get the following error message: E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS


      Searching Google, I've worked out that I've tried to register the device too many times. Is it possible to reset this?         


      I am on a Mac. 




          caroler71593347 Level 1

          You have to contact Adobe to get it reset, but they only allow contact via Chat and some of the operators don't understand and wilo just direct you to this forum for help. The main Support page is useless, as before you can progress beyond it you have to choose a product, and ADE doesn't figure on the list (just as ADE doesn't figure on the list of forums on this website). The link I have found works is Adobe Support. If you don't succeed first time, just try another chat session until you do - this seems to be the best advice I have found on this forum!