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    What must I do to reinstall any version of flash player on a Mac w/ OS X 10.6.8?


      I had the previous version of Adobe Flash Player installed on my Intel Core Duo Mac laptop using OS X 10.6.8 when I was encouraged to download the latest update, version It would not download. I followed the instructions after seeing this question result: Having trouble with download or installation? click here. Then I was offered these choices:

      Install the latest version of Flash Player for your browser. Follow these steps:

      1. Verify that your computer meets the system requirements for Flash Player
      2. Determine whether an older Flash Player version is already installed on your Mac
      3. Download and install the latest Flash Player version
      4. Uninstall the older Flash Player version (if the installation is not successful for any reason)
      5. Troubleshoot Flash Player download issues (if necessary)

      After verifying, determining, again attempting the download numerous times, I uninstalled the older version; now I can not use numerous programs which required the use of Flash Player. Attempting to troubleshoot has not proved useful. Now what?


      I can not load any Flash Player version and some of my programs are now useless.