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    Trouble importing into Premiere Elements


      I have Elements(E) 9 on Win7 and have made a slide show that I want show on a TV. I made a DVD directly from E9 but it was poor quality, I guess because it doesn'have a high enough resolution. I had the same problem on my old computer with E6 which was helped by importing to Premiere Elements(PE) 4. I didn't get PE with my E9 purchase because Adobe said I didn't need it, but that's appearently incorrect. So after problems downloading a trial version of PE9, I got help from Adobe and downloaded PE10 (it took almost 6 hours to download it) I now have it on my desktop. But when I go to E9 to export my slide show it says I need PE9 and would I like to download it. My next try was to put PE4 on my new computer from the CD I still had from the original purchase. Both versions are now in my computer but I still can't export to either PE version. Adobe help said to try their FAQ's or this forum (big help!). Any ideas? Is there another way to produce a high resolution DVD for play on a TV? I'm open to all suggestions but I'm only partially computer literate so please respond in simple terms. Thanks