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    Indesign is opening templates at 1/3 of their normal size.


      I'm a newbie to InDesign and designing albums. This is my first try at designing an album, and I've absolutely had enough of it, grrrrr!!


      I've downloaded 10x10 inch templates from an album company, and have loaded my images into them.

      Problem - When I look at File/Document Setup, the sizes are wrong. The size for a 10x10 inch template (plus bleed) is showing at around 3x3 inches.

      This has happened on 5 different size album templates I've opened in InDesign - all have shown the incorrect size, however when I open the album company Photoshop templates in Photoshop, their sizes are correct, so it appears to only be an InDesign problem.


      I've only had InDesign for about 3 weeks, and I'm using the TRIAL version of InDesign, I've got 4 days left before I download and pay for the proper version. Surely the sizes would still work in the Trial version??


      Either I have some sort of "preferences" or something that are set wrong on my computer, and showing pre-made templates to be too small, or the album company's templates are wrong.

      They havent heard of this before, of problems using InDesign and their templates, so I'm worried that something is askew on my version of InDesign.

      The company doesnt sound like they know much about InDesign..... (!!) so they're not sure how to help me, and I'm about to ditch them altogether and find someone else because this is downright ridiculous.


      I can manually change the sizes of the templates, but thats just annoying me and I shouldn't have to do that. None of us can figure out WHY the album company InDesign templates are not the right size.

      (Also when I export them as Jpegs, and open in Photoshop, they're still the incorrect size).


      I've checked the InDesign/Preferences/General with regards to Scaling, but I "think" that just relates to text.... ??


      Is there anything that I'm missing?

      Any preferences or things that are set to change the size of templates like this?

      When I design my own template, the size is set to whatever I've made, so I can't try and replicate the problem either.


      Can anyone help me please?