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    Hack Flash, Decompile and Recompile any SWF live from HTML - try it now!

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      Adobe - dont ruffle any feathers... try it out first.


      Ok so the title seems far fetched... its not, its here and its now!


      After watching the video you'll realize you're not really 'hacking' Flash, but rather doing what you thougt was impossible.  With FTML you can take any SWF file you've created and break it, build it, take portions out, use individual class objects, etc.  Its limitless to what you can now do with a SWF file and its contents.



      There are 2 methods for creating SWF runtime libraries with FTML:


      1. Flash IDE - use the Library element to manage class objects with out packages: http://reshapemedia.com/ftml/learn/runtime-libraries/
      2. Flex / Flash Builder - you can add custom meta tags for SWF files then use any class object on the HTML page (watch the video above): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iSAIknuvM



      Steps for Flex / Flash Builder


      1. add a meta tag per SWF file: <meta name="library-ftml" content="http://path/to/swf.swf" />

      2. add the namespaces for the packages you wish to use in the html: xmlns:package="custom.package.*"

      3. add the object to the HTML page in MXML format: <package:Object property="value" />


      The youtube video explains this in detail with examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3iSAIknuvM