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    After Effects Rendering Problem and RAM Preview Problem


      I posted a question about this yesterday but I thought I would repost it with more detail!


      I have a restless issue here with rendering and RAM preview. I am simply trying to create a viral ad which uses the cloning effect I achieved with masking for my college coursework and I have completed the process of creation but I have ran into problems. The RAM preview will only play up to a certain point then it will just stop and this effects the final render because it gets to the point in the rendering where the RAM preview stops and then a message will pop up saying the rendering has failed or something? (Screenshots Below)



      I have tried RAM previewing just one of the three videos I am using and it still stops at the same point.



      I am using .avi files and have tried converting to .mov, .mp4, .wmv all of which didn't work.



      I am using After Effects CS4 ver

      My computer specs

      AMD SEMPRON processor 2.7Ghz (single core)

      2GB RAM (I know its not alot ;))

      ATI Radeon HD 5600 512mb

      Creative audigy 2 sound card

      Windows XP Serivice Pack 3



      It's quite urgent and I hope someone can help!