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    Plugging in template values via web services (or any other available method)?


      I originally posted this in the Photoshop forum and didn't realize that the templates were actually In Design.....


      I am an administrator of a product called Service-Now for my company (and in no way a knowledgeable user of Adobe products). We are using the 'Self-Service' feature to allow our employees to enter their own orders for hardware, software, etc. We offer business cards as an orderable item. The user will fill in our variables (name phone #'s, title, etc.) and order the item. At this time, the order will go to a queue for someone to manually plug the values into the template and kick off the print job. I was wondering if there was any way to send the information that got entered by the user directly to the template from Service-Now and submit the print job. At this time, the templates are on a local workstation but could easily be moved to a 'server' type location if we need to. I wasn's sure how to communicate with the templates. I am able to communicate to other systems in a few different ways, so I'm asking what I would need to do to pull this off.



      Thanks for the help,