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    Flash Crash ff, chrome, and ie


      So tired of this flash crash mess. I have windows XP  internet explorer 7 intel series E gateway. I was using internet explorer. Five or Six months ago the flash crash hit my computer. There are so many confusing answers out there. Can anyone make it simple?  I'm self taught so it needs to be simple, please dont ask me to go do things without telling me how to get there, LOL.  I am having problems with games on facebook with what they call adobe flash crash. I have tried many things but nothing is working. I switched to firefox and it crashed the worse. I switched to Chrome and it crashed to. Chrome seems to work the best out of the three but when I tried to re install Chrome I now get SSL connection error 107  SSL protocol error.  There doesnt seem to be a fix. So now I'm back with Internet Explorer 7  and the not responding flash crash.

      I noticed I also get Chrome.exe-corrupt file C:\system volume. Please run the chkdsk utility and something about NTFS ( this fixes itself.) But why does it come up so often? It fixes itself so fast I have no time to read all the stuff it says. What is this file all about and is it causing the crash? Is this file undoing what Im trying to fix? Please help

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          pwillener Level 8

          Have you tried to disable Hardware Acceleration (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/891337) ?


          Have you tried to update your video drivers (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/945765) ?


          Nanna9 wrote:


          I noticed I also get Chrome.exe-corrupt file C:\system volume. Please run the chkdsk utility and something about NTFS ( this fixes itself.)

          This is not good; try to run the CHKDSK utility on your C: drive (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315265).

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            Nanna9 Level 1

            Thank you for your help. Right now Im trying to make a crash log for a bug report....it says to go to browser and type %localappdata% so I  went to the top line on my yahoo home page and typed it and it takes me to ask !!!  Ok so what am I doing wrong? Do I need the www. ahead of it?  Or is my homepage not my browser HELP     This is so confusing, again I am self taught so need detail by detail in SIMPLE form.   YIKES!!!   I will check on the things you mentioned tonight. Thanks again

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              Carl E. Myers Jr. Level 4

              %localappdata% is a shortcut to a folder on your hard drive, use Windows Explorer not Internet Explorer.

              Launch Windows Explorer by clicking the Windows "Start" menu, clicking "All Programs," selecting "Accessories" and clicking "Explore."

              Then type %localappdata% in the search box.





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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                Instead of using your browser, open an explorer window in the start menu (or double click "My Computer").  You want to be looking at your computers files/folder/hard drives, not a webpage.  Then, in an address bar, type %localappdata%, that should take you to the correct folder.  Let me know if you run into problems and thank you for trying to get us this data, I appreciate it.



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                  Nanna9 Level 1

                  I clicked the start menu, I clicked all programs, I selected Accessories, I clicked windows explorer, then I got a box that said, my documents, so I deleted the words my documents and typed in %localappdata% and it took me to ask.

                  There are files in my documents but nothing about dump.  So Im going back to the adobe report a flash player crash page http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/839/cpsid_83975.html  to see if Im using the right one.  Step six is just not right.


                  I read somewhere that this %localappdata% is the wrong information, now I need to find that too.

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                    Carl E. Myers Jr. Level 4

                    You have been looking at the wrong information.  Look at the information after this, Internet Explorer on Windows XP, on the flash player crash page.

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                      Nanna9 Level 1

                      I clicked my computer, I clicked local disk C, saw a file titled windows and clicked on it. Found a whole lot of dump temp files dated back to April 2011, nothing more up to date. I tried to click on these dump files and they wont open.

                      There was a file called bootstat, type Dat File, modified 1/12/2012 but it wont open either.

                      Then I noticed another windows file titled windowsC and found one dump file there too. Dated 4/12/2012 it wont open.

                      So I then went to the address bar of the windowsC file, cleared it and typed %localappdata% and it took me to ask.

                      I dont think adobe gave the right info on the site or I using the wrong section, so Im going to go check it out.

                      http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/839/cpsid_83975.html    I think step six is wrong for me.

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                        Nanna9 Level 1

                        I have done the hardware acceleration. The CHKDSK comes on when I start  the computer some times, then it fixes whatever it finds. The problem is it goes so fast I cant read what its doing, and its over. It seems to go through lots and lots of files, if I had to go through them I wouldnt have a clue weather to keep them or not. It seems to restore them or something. I was wondering if as we change them or replace them, could the chkdsk be restoring them???

                        I know I need to update my graphics controller, display adapter. It's an Intel (R) 82865G  I went to the intel site you had in your information (thank you) they no longer use it and I  tried to get an updated version, but they say go to manufacture, I guess that would be gateway, I followed the path but still havent figured it all out. Im learning...slowly....You guys must keep a bottle of tylenol next to your computers, this is a big head ache, LOL.

                        I guess that graphics thingy is why my home page (Yahoo) turned all the pictures purple and pink? (another problem that just started yesterday)  Do I have to uninstall one adapter before doing the other? Please tell me they do it for me.....Thank you for helping

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                          Nanna9 Level 1

                          To EVERYONE trying to help, I just wanted to let you know, I tried to get back to you but ie flash would not let me do much of anything yesterday. It crashed when I tried to get to this site. So I upgraded to ie 8 and at least I can do a few things again. Going to go to the site I mentioned to get correct info, so I can get the crash reports sent in.

                               Wow...that was crazy, I couldnt find the appearance and themes part. but when I skipped that part I found an old dump file. It seems I guess with this new ie 8, they wont let me crash. I was on facebook and tried to go play castleville from there like always. Now this new thing comes up (I guess from the ie 8)

                          It says: We were unable to return you to facebook.com.  Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem. What you can do: Go to home page.  Try to return to facebook.com.  More information.

                          Sooo, I chose more information:  When a website causes a failure or CRASH, ie attempts to restore the site. It stops after TWO  tries to avoid an endless loop.

                              So is that why I cant find a crash report??  Or am I still not in the right dump file place???  And why wont these dump files open, I want to see what they say.  So Im going to try again....maybe I can get a dump file on the first try but after the second try I dont know if I will ever get one!!! 

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                            Nanna9 Level 1

                            When Im on facebook and go to play CASTLEVILLE from facebook, the CRASH happens on CASTLEVILLE and FARMVILLE  

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                                bethAnn1212 Level 1

                                NANNA9:  HAVE U HAD ANY LUCK?  (SAME PROB. HERE!  *tired & getting MORE frustrated!)

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                                  Carl E. Myers Jr. Level 4

                                  To assist us in quickly understanding your problem, please follow these guidelines when posting:

                                  • Specify your operating system (including 32bit or 64bit edition) 
                                  • Specify your web browser and version (including 32bit or 64bit edition) 
                                  • Specify your Flash Player version 
                                  • Give us a brief explanation of the problem, please include any information you feel is important 
                                  • Please do not use existing topics to append questions that are entirely different from the original topic. When in doubt create a new topic.


                                  Google Chrome has an embedded Flash Player, you cannot install, update or uninstall this Flash Player.

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                                    bethAnn1212 Level 1

                                    RELEASED TODAY:  FLASH PLAYER 11.2!!!!  (Maybe this IS WHY I kept getting "update flash" notices--HOWEVER, 11.2 WASN'T RELEASED TILL TODAY!!  MMmhmmm?!  GUESS I'LL TRY "this" AGAIN!  *WE'LL SEE*

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                                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                      While we did update our labs release of Flash Player 11.2 on Jan 19th, the official release is still


                                      For those experiencing crashes, please see the following FAQ that describes what we'll need and how to report the crash.


                                      How do I report a Flash Player crash to Adobe?



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                                        Hello bethAnn1212, I was wondering how thie issues were going? I was a little concerned as you had mentioned chkdsk dealing with an issue(s) and it had me wondering about the condition of the hard drive. It could be a sign of hardware (hard drive) issues of other issues. There should be a log file but I don't recall where. I am sure someone can mention it or a Google search will find it as well although if you still need to find and/or discuss non-Adobe issues I would think that the administrators would rather a discussion such as that be moved to one of the more general forums, for which I am sure they have a good suggestion which exact forum to go to to have that discussion if you should so desire.


                                        I have an older computer that runs XP home and has it's own sets of issues as well and want you to know that you are not alone . Sometimes with my older computer and lower memory (1.5G RAM) and a slower CPU I run into issues where the flash player will go out and I have to reload the web browser.


                                        It sounds like you try and keep things up to date but wanted to make sure (as it helps with security as well as stability) to have WinXp up to date (sp3 for home) as well as the critical updates along with other drivers. Hopefully you have a firewall running on your system to keep the bad stuff out (keeping that program up to date as  the virus definitions). I think you are learning quite well. I have spent days, weeks and even months trying to figure out or track down the reason for computer issues.


                                        I almost forrgot, although it won't fix your crash issue it might help with speed/stability somehwhat to clear the flash player cache from time to time. Apparently one needs to be online at http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.htm l to do so. Other programs like Java have cache that can help as well as clearing the cookies/temp files from your web browser and the temp files on your computer. Programs built into XP can help with a couple of those. Locations and such can be discusse din the proper forum if you wish. Just let me know. Lots of good people here to help.


                                        Good luck to all,