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    Unable to continue because of hardware or system error

    S Drakov Level 1

      Im having a problem when running photoshop CS5.1

      after deleting some fonts that were making the machine slow, I started having photoshop not running; a sign would appear like this:Unable-to-continue.png


      Im running windows 7 ultimate. This happened after erasing many fonts that i wasnt using on my windows/fonts folder, so my guess is that i erased some fonts photoshop used or something like that. any idea where I can find a package that photoshop requires to work?

      Indesign is working smoothly, so apparently only t


      I was doing research to fix this problem and found the answer that worked for some: ctrl+shift+alt then erase preferences. But in this case didnt work.


      Adobe Flash Professional 5.5, Adobe media encoder, and Adobe after effects arent working neither.




      I found some answers related to how photoshop might not work with some fonts, or without some fonts, but cantt figure out which:




      Thanks in advance