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    RH9 Search highlighting color won't stick

    namedujour Level 1

      When you use the Search feature and select "Highlight search results" the default color is gray. The word or phrase you're searching for displays in gray in all the topics in your search results.


      From a usability standpoint, gray is a really bad color for highlighting. People are used to yellow, so if they saw that they would know what it means. Other colors would also send the correct message. But I kept getting emails from people asking me what's wrong with the online help because their screen was peppered with gray splotches.


      So I went in and changed the highlighting color in the Webhelp > Search > Search Options dialog. All was well, until the next time I compiled the project. The color choice reverted to gray. Apparently you must go in and make your color choice EVERY TIME you update a project. If Adobe had chosen any color but gray as the default, I'd just leave it.


      This is a problem because my project consists of one parent and about 20 child projects. I went in and changed the search highlighting color in all 21 projects, only to learn that the ones I'd since updated were displaying their highlights in gray. So users were getting blue highlights in some search results topics, and gray in others. It shouldn't do this.


      If there's a fix, please advise.


      Thank you!